About Olife

Health & Wellness made easy

Olife, our health and wellness e-commerce platform was formally launched in 2021, and officially in January of 2022. But the inspiration for this, has been a long standing idea that has spanned over the last 2 decades. Back in the 90’s, the founder's father helped innovate the healthcare industry, by importing a "less painful" needle for his diabetic son who had to take daily insulin doses.

This revealed then that one of our biggest pains in the Middle East, and Egypt particularly, was that healthcare was not as accessible as it needed to be. With the 2020 pandemic, we were reminded once more of this pain. Our goal was to finally make a change.

At Olife, we believe that wellness is intertwined between a healthy mind, body and psyche. It needs to be lived inside and out.

Our mission is to spread awareness on the importance of health and wellness through our articles, consultations with experts, and retreats. To us, wellness is a lifestyle that we try to implement and normalize everyday. We do so through a collection of thoroughly selected products, working with a number of premium brands.

Our products and services cover everything you might need from health & fitness to self-care, mom & baby essentials and nutrition. Whatever you need to begin your quest and journey to wellness, you will find it at Olife. Head over to our blog to find out more as to how Olife was born.

We are here to make health & wellness easily accessible, easy to implement, and more enjoyable to you and your loved ones.