إيه هي Olife's Experiences؟

by Yomna Makky


Hey! This is Yomna the Experiences Lead of Olife, beyond that title, I would call myself a girl who is in search of bettering her wellbeing, peace, and sanity every single day. After a few dramas career-wise and  in my personal life, I came to a realization. I found that that a lack of awareness and experience can be the root cause of making wrong decisions, demotivation, and stress. It affects one's life in all aspects. 

In my journey to help myself, and find out what I am in search of, I happened to become a L&D Solution Architect, who designs and develops learning experiences for employees. This is to empower them in their career paths and provide them with the starting points for the skills and mindsets they need to pursue their dreams. I also happened to have been so immersed in health and wellness on a personal level,  that exploring therapy sessions to discuss my fears and wonders, attending yoga for spiritual healing, and even practicing strength training as an emotional outlet, became my new norm. 

Serendipitously, a few months ago, I met the inspiring team behind Olife and was briefed on one of their greatest aspirations; which is making health and wellness easy, accessible and personal. In simpler words, it is to provide health and wellness experiences to people, where they actually learn and become aware of different ways to take care of themselves and maintain good health.

Me being me; the blend mentioned above, along with the Olife team; who pretty much share similar life experiences, we agreed on bringing Olife Experiences to life.

So… What are Olife Experiences, and what do we actually mean when we say ‘Experience’?

An experience as a noun, has various meanings and definitions, and yet our favorite, and the most relatable to us at Olife, is the definition that defines it as,​​'the conscious events that make up an individual’s life'Looking around us, we find that everyone is proactively and reactively trying their best to look, feel and understand what it actually means to be healthy, aren’t we? Having the expertise and background on how adult learning actually occurs, gives us insight into how to engage with new habits for a healthier lifestyle. 

We discovered that blending retreats, workshops and consultations with a flavor of experiential learning can help people find a safe space to experience, learn, and become aware of different aspects of themselves and others, and find easy ways to improve their quality of life.

Olife Experiences was created for the 4 below causes:

  1. Creating awareness on all health and wellness aspects
  2. Educating people on how to adopt a healthy mindset and lifestyle
  3. Connecting people who have the same goals with relevant experts and places to serve as support groups
  4. Encouraging people to take their own health into their own hands and adopt a proactive approach to health care and wellness

We started up with a trial experience in January 2022, shedding light on emotional and spiritual wellness, we combined life coaching with yoga practice under the theme of Self-love.


Collaborating with 3 genuine hosts in the health and wellness community, we validated the concept. Throughout the experience, attendees were introduced to thought provoking questions about their relationship with oneself,  they were also being challenged with their inherited and already existing beliefs about important pillars of self-love, such as acceptance, forgiveness and setting boundaries. They were also introduced to yoga from the spiritual dimension, and as an introspective practice rather than just a physical thing. Before and after the classes, they were encouraged to reflect and share their feelings and ideas about it, guided and instructed by the expert hosting them to help them, they began to understand the relationship between such practice and the theme of the experience.


What we encountered with our people during the retreat and after, has made us certain that this is the approach we want to adopt and continue on developing further and further. Listening to feedback such as: ‘Wow, I did not know I can actually dictate my thoughts by adjusting and focusing on taking deeper breaths.’ or ‘I was so comfortable to the extent I shared my thoughts and feelings with no boundaries.’ and ‘Thank you guys for putting your heart in every detail and building the perfect get away.’ 

The fact that people truly enjoyed having time-out for themselves, and realized the gains, and had set new intentions towards taking care of themselves, is what motivates us and encourages us to be working on providing further Olife experiences.

We are currently working on building on upcoming experiences tackling different wellness aspects, and in various forms too such as fitness, nutrition, parenting and self care. People can enjoy Olife Experiences by either joining us for a one day or weekend journey a.k.a  journey, or an experiential learning session a.k.a workshop or soon enough via booking a one to one conversation with one of the rich and authentic health and wellness experts in the market. 

We are genuinely inviting people to become a part of our community, not just to chill for a few hours or days, but to come join a safe and supporting community to learn, experience, and discover what it means to have a healthy lifestyle inside out.

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